Pioniers Valkenswaard

Plan Pionieers

Sustainable living with lower housing costs

 Net-zero energy buildings with up to 15% lower housing costs.Putting sustainability within reach of everyone, that is the goal of Plan Pioneers. Affordable homes that reduce housing costs up to 15% thanks to better insulation and smart installation systems. The Dutch building code, which was revised in 2012, demands that by 2020 all new built houses will be energy-neutral. The houses in project Pioneers already comply and even exceed these new rules.

By applying a steel frame structure, the casco of the house can be realised a lot quicker and almost completely without the use wet building materials. After the pre-fabricated frame is installed, insulation is placed within the structure but also additional insulation is added to the outside of the structure. The floor and ceiling are included of course, so the entire shell is thoroughly insulated. This “dry” construction method has a very positive effect on the lead time of the total project. Another advantage to the buyer is that a higher mortgage and interest rate discount are allowed for net-zero buildings. This increases fundability of the property substantially.

For the finish, innovative and ecological building materials are used. For example the Fix Brick system that is used embraces the cradle to cradle mindset. Also the Solidpaint cladding system with its sustainable paint surface, is applied because of the project’s green ambition. This means future maintenance costs will also be a lot lower than normal.


   Brochure Pioniers (in Dutch)