About us

Who is Earth and Eternity

Earth and Eternity (E&E) strives to raise comfortable and sustainable living to the new standard. Our mission is to develop modern, affordable and net-zero buildings. Besides this we also transform existing and religious buildings into energy efficient forms of residency.

The advantage of E&E mainly lies in the way we approach each individual project. Instead of using traditional building approaches and subsequently making it more sustainable, we take sustainability as a starting point in the design phase. All our residencies are developed with this ambition in the top of our minds. This means no more gas connection,  meaning all properties are all-electric. During the precise and extensive preparation all materials are weighed off on their environmental effects. Besides this, all the home installation systems are carefully regulated in order to guarantee maximum comfort with the benefits of net-zero living. Finally, thanks to the application of products with a longer lifespan, a substantial reduction in price for maintenance can be realized which results in a lower cost of ownership.

In practice, this means that E&E mostly applies dry building methodologies. Thanks to this, building time can be reduced, while efficiency and sustainability increase. Additionally, the demand for energy is lowered by the application of a high quality layers of insulation. The next step is to apply home automation. This will help residents become more aware of their energy consumption. Finally by installing solar panels, solar heaters and windmills, the end-user is also capable of generating his or her own renewable energy.

Esthetical, comfortable and sustainable housing

E&E is not a traditional construction company that was passed on from father to son by coincidence. E&E is founded by different parties that are involved and have extensive experience in the field of designing, building and establishing residences. Their shared passion? Putting esthetically pleasing and sustainable housing within reach of the general public. It is all about raising the norm to sustainable and net-zero living, without having to compromise when it comes to comfort.

Net-Zero Energy Building (NZEB) before 2020

Dutch building regulations dictate that all new built houses should be net-zero starting from the year 2020. E&E houses are already developed with these new regulations in mind and can therefor easily meet the new standard today. By integrating the entire building chain, the accumulation of profit margins can stay behind. This benefit is noticeable for our customers.

Netting Arrangement

The problem that occurs in establishing zero-energy buildings, is that during the summer more renewable energy is produced than there is actually needed. During the winter, the situation is the exact opposite. To reduce the impact of these fluctuations, the Dutch government has set up the netting arrangement. Meaning that whenever buildings with solar panels produce a surplus of energy, they are allowed to return this to the energy network. In times of shortage, the excess can be retrieved that was delivered to the network. In other words becoming self-supporting. The government has granted that the regulation will last till at least 2023. As soon as the regulation ends, the same principle can be achieved by installing batteries, accumulators, etc..